Google Music: Not Available in Canada


  1. Guillaume

    You can get around that by using a proxy in the US. As soon as the account is created, you can stop using the proxy and the service will keep working.

    Note that you still won’t be able to purchase music.. but you can upload your music and play it in your web browser.
    I haven’t been able to get the Android App to work.

  2. Dennis

    You’ll now need to provide a billing address the US for your credit card used in Google Wallet, as well as using a US VPN.

    The nice thing is that the billing address isn’t validated by Google and is only used once, so you can set your billing address in Wallet (12345, for General Electric’s factory in Schenectady NY is my favourite, but you can always use the Beverly Hills Post Office, Beverly Hills, CA 90210).

    Once that’s done you can upload music to your hearts’ content.

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